Perfect Roots-of-Unity Sequences (PRUS) / Circulant Hadamard Matrices of Butson Type / Constant-Amplitude-Zero-Auto-Correlation (CAZAC) Sequences

Numerous constructions of PRUS, CAZAC, or equivalently, circulant complex Hadamard matrices, were discovered (and re-discovered) by many researchers in the last 40 years. Known constructions by other researchers can be classified into the following four inequivalent classes: 1) the generalized Frank sequences of Kumar, Scholtz and Welch; 2)  the generalized chirp-like polyphase sequences of Popovic; 3)  the Milewski sequences; and 4)  the (generalized bent functions equivlalent) PRUS of Chung and Kumar. We derived a sinlge PRUS contruction that unifies these 4 classes. Not only is our unified construction very general, it also has a very simple closed-form expression. An exhaustive search proves that our unified PRUS includes all PRUS with alphabet size A 15, sequence length N 20 and NA 1111. To the best of our knowledge, no new PRUS that is not a special case of our unified construction presented in ISSSTA'1996 has been discovered up to now. 

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